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Three New Tracks Have Been Added to the Staklo music page

Three tracks are added to the Staklo page. These are Care, Breath, and 911. These were recorded in 1990 through 1993 directly to cassette and appeared on Staklo's first CD, Dotting the Night Sky. They are a bit rougher and edgier in style compared to tracks recorded for Confession.

A New Ambient Song Has Been Added to Mark Giangrande's music page

The Secret Society was recorded some time in 2009 and recently remixed and remastered. Added March 1, 2015.

A New Song, Katfis, has been added to the Research Defense Squad Page

Funny story about this recording of Katfis. I wrote the song on a Friday afternoon in February, 1990, as a riff and then into a structured song. The band came over that evening. I played it for them This recording is the first version we attempted. I'm on rhythm guitar via a DX9. Doug plays lead guitar. Bill is on bass and Bob is on kets. The drums were a machine loop. The source is a direct to cassette recoring which accounts for changes in volume and panning. Enjoy it for what it is. It's meant to be played LOUD. (Mark)

Two New Songs Added to the Research Defense Squad Page

Babar (The Metal Mix) Extended with Vocal (Christmas Mix 2012). One of Bosko's greatest vocals. This song was a staple of RDS live performances 1990-1993. It was recently revived for a show at the Hollywood (now closed) that took place in October of 2012. This remix comes from a recorded rehearsal for that show. Fun Fact: This song was inspired by two cats named Babar and Celeste (named after Babar, King of the Elephants and his queen, Celeste) and features the only rhyme ever with Dean Rusk.

Homeboy On The Range was written by Bill, and sung by Bob. This version is a recent re-recording and remix of the song, sung by Mark. Listen to Babar and Homeboy On The Range here.

Another Song is Added to the Burden of Frienship Page - UPDATED

The Ice Cream Man is now available for download as of June 9, 2012.

Update - Wouldn't you know it. Shortly after finding the cassette version, we at TSF found the original multi-track tapes of the song. There is now a second version of The Ice Cream Man on the BOF page. It was remixed on June 24th, 2012. The cassette mix of will probably be removed at some point.





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